WANTED: One Lab Rat aka Sacrificial Reader

Must be willing to read through bad grammar, unfinished thoughts, confusing passages… (The author will attempt to keep these to a minimum before the chapters are passed for review.)

Must be willing to offer good or bad opinions in a forthright manner. (Shared laughs are part of the fun. Any muttering or grumbling the author does is only to the computer, not at the reader, usually at herself for ‘dunderheadedness.’)

Must be willing to pull the manuscript from the cliffs of drama, sentimental mush, preachiness… ( The author has horror of letting these invade the work and will attempt to cull the offending passages prior to review.)

Must be willing to challenge details. (“Really? That is a fact?” The burden of proof is on the author as it should be.)

The opportunity to read a book before publication.
The opportunity to influence its direction.
The opportunity to … ? (Must be another, good things come in threes, however, nothing comes to mind.)

The position comes with no pressure on the reader. Returning opinions, comments, observations are on the reader’s time schedule. Though a several day turn-around period is most helpful, life’s demands do not always allow for it. None of the material is under a publication deadline. The final editing is not a part of the Lab Rat’s job description. Basically the value of the Lab Rat is to yank the author out of her own head, (she knows too much) and help her understand what the reader sees, or doesn’t and should.

Recompense? The recompense is a bucket of thanks, your name in the front of the book, and chocolate, the good stuff when it is possible to get it you.

Interested? Questions? Use the comment box below and I will get back to you ASAP.


Christy says:

Am 1/3 of the way through Steeple and would very much like to be part of any future endeavor, especially if it involves (dark) chocolate. Good job, Deb!

Deborah Ude says:

Dark chocolate, of course. Is any other kind worth the calories? Not in my book!

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