The Cyber Space of Lost Words


They mingle, teacups in hand, or mugs steaming with coffee. Servers offer a selection of delicacies to re-route the boredom. Conversation is punctuated with an array  !’s ,a ?’s, frequently interspersed with emotocons.  Some visitors are merely bemused, others thoroughly confused. Recovery is possible. Some navigate through a weary five or ten step program. The fortunate ones find restoration a simple click of an overlooked function. The truly lost, reduced to a series of 1’s and 0’s, are doomed to amass in the infinity of space.

“I say, how did you come to be lost?”

“Can’t say as I know. I was there, contributing, then a finger clicked and here I am. You been here long?”

“Ages, which is silly really. I’m still available if they knew which key to hit.”

“We can’t compute what happened,” a cluster of words enjoined, “we literally blanked out.”

A larger group emitted a soft collective sigh. “We expired mid-page. Our time was up.”

“We got misplaced in a cloud.”

“I say, have more tea.”

“It’s so unexpected,” complained a phrase, “one false stroke and you’re…” the phrase had limited  function.

“What’s that? What’s it doing here?”

“The cheeky heel! Hey, this is the Cyber Space of lost words. It’s not the Black Hole of  the Mismatched.” The words united in a menacing line to boot the interloper. “Well that takes care of it. To boot or to re-boot is no longer relevant.”

“I say, have more tea?”





Christy K says:

You are so clever, Deb! And I can see that it doesn’t take much to get you sidetracked. Glad I “inspired” you today.

Deborah Ude says:

It might not take much of a thing to get me sidetracked, but it takes the right not much of a thing!

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