After two months of telling myself, “I’ll worry about THAT in July”  suddenly it IS July.

July became a disorganized storeroom, stuffed and cluttered with the odds and ends that two weddings and a host of company forced out of the way. Now it requires my attention and I feel bound by the promises I made to July while in the busy days of June. Sort of, that is, in a rather unhurried manner. I make more lists and they might clamor for my attention, but I smile at them indulgently and return to the book on my Kindle or watch Wimbledon or the Olympic trials on the television.

I do not wholly neglect  my work. I perch languidly on the pier and dabble my toes in the water of writing. Some editing gets done, an article gets written.  I kick only at the surface of the pond, content to let my novels and more serious writing rest undisturbed in the deeper water. I will reel them to the surface  in August or perhaps September.  Until then I have a several short stories to polish, a fairy tale to finish and I intend to keep the promise of some long July days spent at the library.  “Know your market.” is after all, first on the  “how to become published” list and the library on these hot July days is enticing.

Enticing or not, the library will  wait. Today has already been spent, tomorrow has been given to friends from high school, ( yes, I remember that far back) and the day after that is too far away to plan.

July is rather a pleasant place to be.



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