Goals for the Holidays

It was a timely article a friend sent my way.  The topic was writing goals for the holiday season, making time and taking time, being realistic in your goals and expectations. I have writing goals for the season.

I am going to try my best not to begin anything new, no new books, no writing contests,  no articles or book reviews.

The time spent at the computer is to be spent copying, re-formatting and adding page numbers to my second book. I want it ready for re-writing/editing after the holidays become a series of pictures and treasured memories. This in itself is not difficult. The goal  is to do this without reading the manuscript in depth, or stopping to make notes as I skim through the chapters. I could make the goal that I do the re-formatting without reading anything but that would set me up for certain failure. I am trying to be realistic.

My goal is to shut out the clamor of words in my head that compel me to write. The only clamor I wish to allow is writing the Christmas card message and our family letter. To this point that is an unrealistic goal as no theme or idea has yet presented itself.

My goal is to pick 3,000 words that are the best sample of my last book and edit them to perfection.

My goal is to limit what cannot be silenced to this website.

Do you hear the exaggerated sigh coming through the words as I write?  At present,  these goals  seem impossible to fulfill.

The goals present another difficulty and prompt a second sigh.  Writing  keeps my conscience clear. As long as I am writing, the mundane tasks around the house have no power to exert guilt. The dusting, the dishes, the mopping, the sweeping, it will all get done.  I can keep writing and know I will get to those things as time allows.  They are inferior to the work at my computer. As the writing goals slip into the background the daily duties rush forward to take their place. I do them, but I would rather be writing.

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