Forget Trying to Write

Things I learned from this wedding I did not know before.

You never forget how to cook with a toddler playing in the kitchen.

As a grandmother, you enjoy a toddler playing in the kitchen while you cook.

You realize you really miss toddlers playing while you cook in the kitchen and wish they were around more often.

Swedish meatballs taste just fine with a spoonful of sour cream that was destined for the German meatballs.

It is perfectly acceptable for a toddler to throw up all over the floor of the reception hall because the help will clean it up and not you.

Even when you cut back on the amount of food you think you need, you make too much.

Adding a new daughter-in-law and a new grandson on the same day is exciting. (Some people will do anything to get out of attending a brother’s wedding!)

When a family wedding occurs between Christmas and New Year’s Day, enjoy it, January will be long and dull when the fun is over.

When a family wedding falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day, forget trying to write, the long, dull days of January will be time enough.



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