Several posts back I related the episode of losing an entire chapter while copying the  book, A Fistful of Dandelions,  into one file.  I had printed and lent out the revision that was lost. I got it back and as I suspected, both versions offered quality improvements. It was a good exercise to compare them and in the end combine the best of both.

Two nights ago I was moving the second book into one file. With the document map in place the process was much easier and less confusing. It was not however, fool proof. I lost another chapter.  Not to worry, I had not only sent the last revision to my lab rat, I had also printed it and had the copy in the house. I pasted the un-revised chapter in the right place and finished the project, knowing I could update the chapter at any time.

My soon to be daughter-in-law stated that it was seventeen days until her wedding. In that seventeen day span we are going to celebrate, four birthdays, Father’s Day, two weddings and a week of Synod Convention. One would think the book could wait.

NOT! With flower bouquets being made in the basement, honeymoon plans and pictures being shared at the dining room table (Peru, Cuzco, forests, rain and cloud) the ball game on the TV and the election results for the governor’s recall beginning to roll in, I went to work on updating the chapter.

Perhaps my childhood and school experience would have been better if I had been motivated to homework the way I am to writing. Homework? I was too busy reading!


Carole Shealy says:

Apparently the chaos and activity give your focus or maybe the very chaos and deadlines and “have to do” make the “want to dos” (writing) all the more attractive and calming for you. Either way, your formula works. Like most of us, life is constantly giving us material but you have found a way to use it. It is so exciting! So happy to be on this journey with you!

deborah says:

Thanks Carole. It is called inertia… body in motion… down time when I am in motion is torture… it is not difficult to find some direction for the remaining in motion.

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