Leaves for Sale


Leaves available,
Newly fallen,
Still crunch
Perfect for play;
Jumping, nesting, throwing,
Afternoon entertainment
For the choosing.

Leaves for collecting,
Assorted sizes,
Variety of colors;
Plenty of rusty oak
Golden basswood,
Studded with
Streaks of scarlet maple.
Jewels for the taking.

Leaves to purchase,
Gathered before rain,
Tree ripened
Aged and seasoned
For burning;
Smoky scent
Guaranteed enhancement
For every autumn atmosphere.

Leaves for sale
Name your price.
(You haul.)


Adam Oster says:

I’m not much for poetry, but I love this one. Brings me back to that wonderful time just a couple weeks ago when I actually wanted to be outside, even if I was burning holes through my hands due to all the raking. 🙂

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