The Final Comeback


The conversation developed approximately in this manner. The house phone rings. Caller ID lets me know it is a local caller. I can’t place the number.
“Hello, Ude’s”

“Hello!” The caller says more, the word author catches my attention. In the depth of my brain freeze trying to identify the speaker, I don’t catch it all.

“Ohhhh, ” I realize it is a former classmate and friend past and present. (we sort of lost contact in the middle years)
“You’re still alive.” Ev does tax work. We rarely see each other during ‘the season.’

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Took me a bit, it’s been so long since I heard from you.” though I did have several brief sightings at church during the winter.

“Any plans for the afternoon?”

“Other than moping over work I’m not motivated to do, no.”

“Then you’re free if I drop by?” I’ve been saved!

“Absolutely! Hey, we still live in the same place, same house as the last time you visited. It was so long ago I thought maybe you’d like to know we haven’t moved.” What’s a little twitting between friends?

“Oh, good. Nice to hear you haven’t gotten uppity, published author and all.”

She thinks faster than I do. It’s been four days since our conversation and visit. I still haven’t figured out my own snappy comeback.

(The picture shows four past classmates (Ev is one) and present friends at a mini-class reunion. A good time was had by all.)



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