Time Out

June is nearly here. The house is beginning to take on a pace of its own, dictate the schedule and urge  me to accomplish a daily ‘to do’ list. The anticipation is that of the December Holiday season. Writing begins to recede and in the time out, the stepping away from that focus, I get a dose of reality.

Nearly two weeks ago Immanuel observed the tradition of the Commencement Concert. The Friday before Saturday graduation the mass choir, composed of high school, college and seminary students, sang an hour long selection of compositions to the glory of God. The alumni were invited to come forward and participate in the final, familiar anthems. The ranks of singers swelled and the sanctuary was filled with the praises offered. The following was written in the days after the concert and  I would share it here because it does put all the angst of writing where it belongs.



Reality does not hit. When one hundred- forty young people enter the sanctuary from three separate doors singing as they come: “Christ is made the sure foundation, Christ, our head and cornerstone,” the entire assembly of five hundred joins with them and reality reaches out and clutches, firmly and completely.

“Ni wangu. Milele, Yesu wangu.”
“He is mine. Forever and ever, Jesus is mine.” Reality digs deeper. Reality eradicates distractions and forces a focus on Jesus, forever.

“Know me as the Lamb of God.” Here reality destroys any vestige of self. The secret place of the heart is revealed; sin blackened, blood bought.

“He dies, He is risen, He will return.” Reality disintegrates the devil, the world, and the flesh. It pulls our heads from the clouds, the wisps of vapor and vanity that constitute this finite earth. Reality plants our feet on the firm and undying Foundation.

Get real, get Life.

“Christ is our cornerstone. Milele, Yesu Wangu.”

Commencement Concert
Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, Seminary
May 18, 2012



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