Five Things I’ve Never Done


1. Climb Mt. Everest- Not on my bucket list. Not even to see it. To accomplish it would require 20+ hours on a plane and a car ride through Kathmandu and on the roads of Nepal.

2. Raft through the Grand Canyon- Had a brief contemplation about the pleasure until the cost of such a trip combined with details of the experience squelched it. I enjoy being an armchair rafter.

3. Swim the English Channel-admirable someone is capable and motivated. I can’t swim the length of a hotel pool.

4. Jump from a plane- granted I’m talking sky diving with a parachute, still no go. Literally. “No go, No go,” I’d scream. No one would be able to pry me loose, from my seat.

5. Pray without distraction- not even once. I’ve attempted everyday and failed.
“ACTS” was Pastor Mayhew’s suggested  approach. Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving Supplication. Adoration goes pretty well until I use TLH 249. “Isaiah Mighty Seer” as the foundation. I learned it in the 4th grade, sang it with the grade school choir, when my father taught, in Cheyenne, where we walked to church…
Luther’s Morning Prayer is an excellent starting point. “In the name of God the Father…” Creator, darkness then light, light in a dark universe, “the universe desires light” quote from a book, the name eludes memory, they rode horses backwards…
The Lord’s Prayer, slow it down, take it apart contemplate Luther’s explanations. “Our Father who art in heaven,” He invites me to call Him Abba, Dad. “Hallowed be Thy name,” the pillar of cloud, the glory of transfiguration, “let the beauty of the Lord God by upon us” (Ps. 90:17) Let my life be to Your glory. “Thy kingdom come,” Spread the Word, let it “have free course and be preached to the joy and edifying of Christ’s holy people”…awesome phrase, I miss hearing it. Bless the pastors, teachers and missionaries both at home and over seas…Matt haven’t heard from him or about him in a while, Vanessa either, they’re going to Africa soon or are there…

The first four a improbable, but possible, the last, never. Thanks be to God, Jesus died for my distracted inattention. Thank God Jesus intercedes for me and the Holy Spirit perfects my feeble prayer. Will I ever attempt any one of the first four? Never. Will I ever cease trying to accomplish the last? Pray God, never.

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