When the Kids Move…Out?


Raising nine children means a lot of things, not the least of which is moving their possessions-stuff. When we first moved into our cozy “cabin in the woods”, stuff filled the garage. We have been most thankful that our drive is a horseshoe. Over the years multiple adult children with multiple vehicles were able to park without doing the “move the car shuffle.” As they began to move from home, the stuff in the garage began to leave with them. To be honest, whenever possible, we encouraged them to take our excess stuff with them. Sometimes it worked. We had one brief spell when out mini-van was actually parked in the garage. Brief. When we purchased a new car last spring, the stuff got piled on a shelf, hung from the rafters or evicted. The Honda Fit- fit.

We had to gulp when one son requested the use of the garage to aid in his move from one apartment to another. Whew, he was able to get into the new place early. A month later, yes a month, he came with the same request. New job necessitated he re-locate to another town. Whew, he was able to make the move without use of the Fit space.

Over the Christmas holidays I received a text from another son.
“When are you getting back?”
“We’re 20 minutes from home.”
“Oh. Thought you weren’t coming till tomorrow.”
Surprise! His moped was in the garage. Needless to say it was evicted that night.IMG_2400

A week later another son (we have seven remember) requested help. Their newly acquired piano was homeless. The piano moved in, the Fit moved out. (To be fairIMG_2401 this did only last one night.)

Our children have moved out. Out of the house and into the garage when available or next to the garage. A kayak, a moped, our canoe, the snowblower are left out in the cold.

Our youngest had a suggestion.
“We ( all the siblings) should go together
and get Mom and Dad a carport. Then the garage can be used for what it was intended. Our storage unit.”



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