So I said…


“Oh, no, I’m not busy. I cleaned up the house from the visitors for the  ILC Christmas Concert. No plans for the day.” I was on the phone with Lab Rat Extraordinaire #2.

However, before we finished the conversation, son Jesse and granddaughter Etta (6 mo.) arrived. Jesse wanted his birthday cookies. (Another story, another time.) I suggested he pick from the array, baked and stored on the porch. He suggested pfeffernuesse would be his choice. Of course. I had not made the time consuming, but delicious German cookies. He volunteered to help…that afternoon.  My vague, do nothing, stay cozy in flannel and leggings plans sighed pathetically as it deflated.

Three hours later, ( we made the small batch, 7 cups of flour instead of 14) with the glaze making pretty white stripe down the table legs and interesting patterns on the floor, we finished. Grand total for the day, 9 qts + what we ate.  Jesse and I would divide them after the glaze dried overnight.

Sunday morning, two containers, one large, one small, and a few cookies that needed more time to dry, were spread on the dining room table.  John preached out of town. The boys would be home before we returned. John expressed the thought a good share of the cookies would be eaten before we got home.

“Not to worry. I already put our container away, Jesse’s are the ones on the table.”


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