Nothing’s Changed…much



Seven of the nine children made it home for Thanksgiving. Twenty-three bodies ranging in ages 5 mo.-61 years occupied space in the house. They sat on couches or on the floor. They gathered around tables to play games, eat, and play more games. As I observed and appreciated the commotion they generated, I commented, “Nothing much has changed.” Silly mom, of a certainty the statement will not pass unchallenged.

“What do you mean?” son asks.

“The noise, the commotion, just like when you were all at home, young.”

“A lots changed. We argue more,” son comments.

“And louder,” another son adds to the discussion.

“We eat less, way less than we used to, like when we were 10-20,”  back to son #1.

I’m not certain I agree. No game pieces were thrown across the table. The family football game ended in a tie.  An 18+ lb. turkey was reduced to crumbs and pick’ns from the bones. The majority of six pies were consumed, all the cranberry salad, squash and not a smidgen of stuffing was left to languish in the bowl. And just to clarify, we celebrated on Friday.  So pizza places were open and delivering.
The day’s food intake:
Donuts at 11 (Top picture, dinner prep during donut time. Amanda and niece Anastasia mix the entire bowl of cranberry salad. The pot on the stove is completely full of potatoes.)
Dinner at 12
Pies from 3-4
Pizza from 6-7 Six extra-large pizzas. Only one survived  to the left-over stage. (Bottom picture)

I don’t think the food consumption has changed. I might give them the louder part, although maybe our house is simply smaller.


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