Good News-Bad News


The conversation after chapel went like this:

Me- “Do you want the good news first or the bad news?”
Husband- “Bad.” (He is a man who conserves his words.)
Me- “You are going to have to put the car in the garage after I drive it. Always, every time.”
Husband- “The good?” (He is also very reserved about emotional displays.)
Me- “The mirror on the passenger side only got bumped. No damage.”
Husband-“On the saw or lawn mower?” (He requires details.)
Me- “Saw, I stopped and decided to back out might do more damage. So after I parked, I pulled the mirror forward so it wouldn’t bump on the way out.” (He has no comment and continues to eat the after chapel banana.)

Husband- “Good news or bad news?” (This after a pause at the door to the classroom building.)
Me- “The bad news.” (I have to think for a moment to decide.)
Husband- “The cap to my marker came off and leaked.” (He points to green spots on his pant’s pocket.)
Me- “And the good?” (I have  no inkling where he might be going with this.)
Husband- “I’m not going to slug you for bumping the mirror.” (A cock-eyed smile crosses his face.)
Me- “You wouldn’t ever slug me!” (I am indignant the good news is a simple, unexciting fact.)
Husband-“True. But it’s still good news.” (He finishes his banana and grins.)

He raised his hand for the usual fist pump of good-bye. That and holding hands are the only PDA’s allowed on campus. I walked home wondering if it was good news or bad news.

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