Okay, so he didn’t sleep in an igloo, nor had the yard accumulated a foot of snow. (Picture is from 2013 the snow depth allowed the boys to construct the edifice. Note the Packer flag flying from the top. Better year, 2013.) But he did erect his tent and sleep in it – at Thanksgiving.  Though our bedroom space flashed a “no vacancy” sign, beds were available. While seven of the nine were at home for the holiday- a count of twenty-three with babies – we only had eight overnighters. He could have selected one of two couches, a hide-a-bed or an air mattress on the computer room floor. He chose his tent.

We were not cruel parents who caste him from the house. His siblings did not hound him unmercifully, well nothing beyond normal. So, we thank various neighbors for their concern and offers of housing. He chose his bed and was happy to lie in it.

Next time though, he’s bringing a smaller tent. It will conserve more heat and who wants to dress in a tent in thirty degree temps anyway?

Just saying: It wasn’t our fault!

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