About Me,  Deborah Ude

I come from several generations of Lutheran clergy. My father was a Lutheran pastor, his father a Lutheran Christian Day School teacher. It is not surprising that I married a Lutheran pastor. Three of our sons currently serve calls in the preaching ministry. Our two daughters taught in Lutheran Day Schools.

My husband has served various parishes in the mid-west. Currently our family resides in west central Wisconsin. We live on the campus of a small Lutheran high school, college and seminary where my husband teaches theology. Writing, visits from our nine children and thirteen grandchildren, and occasional substitute teaching engagements adequately fill the empty nest.

Although I wrote poetry and short stories throughout my school years, the Lord directed my creative talents into teaching. After teaching came marriage and children. I returned to writing when the last of the nine were in the final stages of leaving home. I have received much support and encouragement to get my work to print. Perhaps the greatest came from my grandson. “Someday I am going to hold a book that my Oma (grandma) wrote.”

Here We Are

Here we are, my husband and I on our wedding day, smiling from the back of our little blue VW.  Here we are again, some thirty odd years  and nine children later. We are both still smiling. Oddly enough, both pictures were taken on the campus of Immanuel Lutheran College. At the time of the first picture my husband, John, was a third year seminary student at Immanuel. The second picture shows us as we are now, and John  is a seminary professor  at the same school.  Here we are and, here we are again.

 One Big Happy Family

There they are, our nine children at our son’s wedding rehearsal two and half years past. The four laymen  on the bottom support all-nine the three clergymen in the middle. The girls are on top to keep their brothers ‘under’ control.

The second picture was taken six months after the first. Another son’s wedding. The bride got her veil back after the groom declined to wear it. The grandson’s face did not stay that way permanently. The three year old granddaughter looking over her shoulder threw up during the reception. She was sitting on my lap at the time. I simply leaned her over for it all to hit the floor. Hey, that’s what the staff gets paid for, cleaning up. One of the nine and his wife are missing. They were busy having a baby at the time.Since that picture we’ve added two granddaughters IMG_4006and one daughter-in-law to the family. The children lead lives that scatter across both nation and globe: India, Africa, South Dakota, North Carolina. A few stay closer to home roots in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The distances do not deter notable family gatherings. Weddings, graduations, baptisms and once a summer a camping congregation. We are one big family, happy and ready for food, fun, and the precious family gift of fellowship.


Some tiIMG_3741mes the boys take canoeing seriously. Sometimes not so much, as seen here. One of the seven declined to return to the beach for the picture because is feet were already clean of sand. However, the sand didn’t seem to mater when …

…it came to having fun with Mom.  I believe the act was acted upon at his instigation.




…my husbanIMG_3747d monitored the situation.







At the end of the day, a good IMG_3666time had been had by all!

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