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Steeple in the Distance is no longer a book on the shelf. It is being read-the whole point in writing it of course- and first reactions are making their back to me. I will share the collection. (First names only)

“I LOVED reading the book jacket on Sunday.  So very cool!” Ellen

“What a great cover and intro..well done!!  Now to enjoy the story.  And let others know it is a good read.” Kathy

“Love everything about your novel so far, the layout, the intro pages, the cover, etc. May God bless your family’s efforts. You have a tremendous talent.  Please give us more.” Barb

The credit for the above comments belongs to Nathaniel for his excellent work. Without his effort and vast quantities of time the book would be nothing beyond files on the computer.

“When people ask what it is about, I tell them it is like a Laura Ingalls Wilder book or a Caddie Woodlawn but through the eyes of  an older child.  I would give it the Newberry Award, for sure!” Ruth

“I have started reading it.  You already have done a great job at recreating the world at that time.  This should be an extra credit read for a United States History class!” Barb (different Barb than above)

“(I) enjoy being an invited invisible guest of their family daily coming and goings.” Susan

Soli Deo Gloria



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