Came by Train

“When is the sequel coming out?”

My reply is simply this, “I wish I had more info.” At present it is resting, simmering, after a vigorous edit. The manuscript is in the hands of several pre-readers. When the whistle of departure blows, you will “hear” it at this site. Until then, here is a sneak peek of things to come.

The book was not part of the orginal series. The planned trilogy spilled to 5 books, due to minor characters who demanded more “word time.”  Came by Train, though second in the series, was the fourth book written. While working through one of the edits of Steeple in the Distance, the clamor of several characters was to bold to be ignored.

Came by Train is the story of Nan’s new beginnings as a married woman in the small fictitious town of Falls Lake, Wisconsin. Beginning life in the parsonage, the pastor’s wife presents unanticipated difficulties. Circumstances bring a former schoolmate into town for a night. She returns later with an unusual request. She asks Nan and her husband to adopt the baby of an unwed mother. Letters to Nan from family and friends are frequently incorporated into the chapters.

As a side note, the book has/had an identity crisis. It went through three titles before Came by Train arrived.

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