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July 15, 1915 "The breeze roused itself as the late afternoon gave way to evening."

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Author, Adam Oster writes this:It is an amazing piece of fiction and I was constantly impressed by not only your writing skills, but your amazingly endless knowledge of your subject matter. As a man who has been wanting to start up a little farm for a while now, I have to admit that your book was a delight just in allowing me the opportunity to live vicariously through Nan and the rest of the Delaineys.

Came by Train

"Came by Train," the sequel to "Steeple in the Distance," has not left the station.

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This is my Voice

This is my voice. These words are my song, the music that I share. My word’s worth does not resound with the grandeur of Handel’s Messiah, or the vibrance of a Bach chorale. My voice is small. Never-the-less. . . “And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish Thou the work of our hands upon us, yea the work of our hands, establish Thou it.” Ps 90:17   This is my voice.   Alone-to God-Glory     Soli Deo Gloria

The stirrings of my voice began six and a half years ago. Always an avid reader, a question began to nag while I sampled the popular Christian Fiction. Where in all the offerings of this genre was one for us? Lutherans, with a place and a heritage of our own?  Finding none I was ‘nudged’ from reading to writing.  My God given voice could answer the question. So motivated, I began writing for us as well as to share that Lutheran heritage with others. This voice has become my song and my music, Christian fiction with a spine, the spine of the cross, Christ crucified.

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“And sometimes I think about a one-and-a-half-year old child with its baby teeth still coming in, whose days on this earth were so very, very few.” (National Geographic, July 1988, page 53) The author of the article, haunted by that scene as he unearthed the remains of a 4th century town on the Island of..

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We spent a half week with all nine of the children and the twelve grandchildren. The occasion was our son’s wedding. Tears  threatened when the boys, now men, stood as groomsmen for their brother. The struggle of our grandson to stay awake and the relaxed attitude in one of the boy’s suits served to prevent..

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Reason for the neglect of the website– little girls mostly six, occasionally seven, all granddaughters. The oldest at 4 an 6 shared books on the porch swing.               Big cousin at 2 1/2 years take charge of the those a younger by a year. Pool fun includes a rinse,..

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About Me, Deb Ude

I come from several generations of Lutheran clergy. My father was a Lutheran pastor, his father a Lutheran Christian Day School teacher. It is not surprising that I married a Lutheran pastor. Three of our sons currently serve calls in the preaching ministry. Our two daughters taught in Lutheran Day Schools.

My husband has served various parishes in the mid-west. Currently our family resides in west central Wisconsin. We live on the campus of a small Lutheran high school, college and seminary where my husband teaches theology. Writing, visits from our nine children and ten grandchildren, and occasional substitute teaching engagements adequately fill the empty nest.

Although I wrote poetry and short stories throughout my school years, the Lord directed my creative talents into teaching. After teaching came marriage and children. I returned to writing when the last of the nine were in the final stages of leaving home. I have received much support and encouragement to get my work to print. Perhaps the greatest came from my grandson. “Someday I am going to hold a book that my Oma (grandma) wrote.”